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CWCS CY2016 - School Year 2015-2016


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Open Date - February 2, 2016 and Close Date - July 14. 2016

CWCS Web Application

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You must be individually authorized to use the CWCS. Having a Wisconsin User ID (WAMS ID) is necessary but does not in itself provide access to the CWCS Web application. For security and privacy reasons, access must be specifically authorized by your District Administrator (Superintendent) on behalf of your school board or by the Superintendent's appointed WSLS/ISES Administrator.

For further information about gaining access, see the Delegated Authority Web Application.

Why is data accuracy in the Coursework Completion System (CWCS) so important to your district?

  • Statewide course and student counts for World Language are used to promote funding for future programs.
  • AP / IB courses offered and student counts are reported publicly (currently through WINSS and in future via WISEdash).
  • SAGE uses K-3 grade level educator and student counts to promote and expand the funds available for future programs.
  • The Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) file provided by DPI, for usage by public school districts for reporting is a collection of the data submitted through ISES, CWCS, and multiple other resources.
  • Data submitted through C167 file is utilized for SIG school reporting.
  • Student data association to an educator will be utilized for Educator Effectiveness (EE) processes.







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