Phase 4 SY2013-14: Training/Technical Support

Training Schedule - via Blackboard Collaborate

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Participant Call In Number: 1-877-820-7831 and Participant PIN: 782672

Date Upcoming Training Desciption or link to Webcast Recording

Tue 01/07/14

New User Training - Who Gets Reported? (webcast recording)

Wed 01/08/14

Online Resources - Data Elements Guide (webcast recording)

Wed 01/15/14

Alternative Education Programs (webcast recording)

Tue 01/21/14

Students with Disabilities (Special Ed) (webcast recording)

Wed 01/29/14

World Language Programs (webcast recording)

Tue 02/11/14

Graduation Equivalency Credit, Virtual Online / Distance Education (webcast recording)

Tue 02/25/14

Part-Time Open Enrollment (webcast recording)

Tue 03/11/14

4K Early Childhood Programs (webcast recording)

Tue 03/25/14 CWCS Phase 4 Changes (webcast recording)

Wed 03/26/14

File Upload, Warnings, Errors and Validation & Phase 4 Changes (webcast recording)

Wed 04/23/14

Data Validation Process (webcast recording)

Wed 05/21/14

File Upload Process (presentation only)

Tue 06/03/14

Data Validation - Progress & Summary Reports (webcast recording)

Wed 06/18/14

Data Correction Check List (webcast recording)

Wed 08/27/14 What is Working Well Versus Process Improvements (webcast not available)
Wed 09/10/14 Question & Answer Session (no webcast available)




Data Elements - Presentation Materials & Webcast Recordings

Power Point Presentation Webcast Recording Power Point Presentation Webcast Recording

Academic Service Learning

Local Course Title

Alternative Education Programs

Part-Time Open Enrollment District

Bilingual/English as a Second Language Programs

Project Based Learning

Classroom Type

Record Type

Collection Type

School Code

College Credits Earned

Section ID

Completion Status

Submitting District

Course Code

Teacher Former Last Name

Distance Education Programs

Teacher Last Name

DPI Educator File Number

Teacher Role

Dual Enrollment Credit Programs


Enrollment Date

Virtual/Online Education

Graduation "Equivalency" Credit


Grade Earned


Grade Level Placement

World Language Programs

High School Credits Earned

WSLS School


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