CRDC Data Support Communication 11

From:                              Melanie McCalmont for Jennifer Wegner []

Sent:                               Thursday, November 29, 2012 10:45 AM

To:                                   [districts]

Subject:                          [crdc-support] notice about stuck process at CRDC


If you have certified your survey, read no further.

If you can see and ACCESS questions in all the 4 parts of your survey at the feds' interface, then this issue does not afffect you.

However, if you are having any of the particular issues listed below, be aware that the CRDC had a cloud server outage recently. If you were in your survey when the outage occurred, your survey process may be "stuck," a issue that you would similarly clear by doing CTRL-ALT-DELETE on your desktop to stop a process. The stuck process will cause the following issues for you:

  1. You can't access a school survey PART. For example, you can get into SCH Part 1 but not SCH Part 2.
  2. You run error checks and it never produces a error log, even after multiple attempts.
  3. You try to certify, and it never finishes or produces certification error logs.

TO CLEAR THIS STUCK PROCESS, send an email to:
Subject line = "STUCK PROCESS for [then type your district NCES ID example '5509954']"
Body text = "I cannot access [insert the name of the part or process you can't access] for the following schools:"

Then list your stuck school NCES IDs and school names. You can copy this info from the survey list of schools in the feds' interface. The school NCES ID will be 5 digits.

Please contact me with any questions.


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