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Subject:                          [crdc-support] non-certified districts with 500-level error codes


If your district has already certified their Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) survey, this message does not apply to you and can be archived.

Notice about error checks and SCH-0001

WHAT HAPPENED: Last week, the CRDC made a programming change to the error check logic in their survey. This programming change has affected how it cross-checks your SCH-0001 “Grades Offered” against questions that use grade ranges. If you certified before last week, no errors were produced by the DPI data.

WHY AN ERROR NOW? The DPI data in SCH Part 1 has zero “0” in some question responses. For example, SCH-0030 “Retentions” for a high school would have a “0” for responses about grades PK-8. Before the programming change at CRDC, the 0 value was accepted for these out-of-range grade responses. After CRDC made the programming change, the 0 value now produces a 500-level error code.

SOLUTION: I spoke with the CRDC programmers on Friday, and they indicated that the DPI data is still valid and, after you examine them, most 500-level error messages that pertain to screen_name SCH-0001-1 can be ignored. It will NOT stop your district from certifying the survey this week.

What error codes apply to this issue?

Please visit this webpage to see the EXAMPLE error codes that cross-check to screen_number SCH-0001-1.

  • NOTE: However, there may be OTHER 500-level errors in your error logs that ARE valid and do not stem from the programming change. These must STILL BE CLEARED.

Get help on this error code issue

If you have doubts about your error codes, please email your error log to for confirmation.


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