CRDC Data Support Communication 13

From:                                         McCalmont, Melanie E.   DPI

Sent:                                           Friday, December 07, 2012 3:35 PM [to bcc list non-certified districts]

Subject:                                     [crdc-support] can't open a CRDC survey question?


If you have certified your CRDC survey, congratulations—and this message does not apply to you.

Can't open a survey question? It's another stuck process

If you cannot access a question in the survey AT ALL, if it keeps bouncing back to the question list and not opening the question---we have been notified that the feds' cloud-based server had another glitch.

Your survey likely has a “stuck process.” If you notify the feds that you can't open a question, they will reset it soon and you will have extra time to complete your survey.


  1. Make sure you are NOT using Chrome browser
  2. If on a Mac computer, try using a PC
  3. Try opening other questions, and complete them if they do open.
  4. NOTE the 5-digit school ID(s) that have the stuck question (won't open at all)
  5. Send an email to with the following text:

Subject: stuck process Wisconsin 55______ (fill in your district ID)

Body: Wisconsin district 55______has a stuck process on the following schools and questions:

School Name ______ ID 0xxxx

Stuck Questions: SCH-00xx, SCH-00xx




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