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From:                                         McCalmont, Melanie E.   DPI

Sent:                                           Wednesday, December 12, 2012 1:47 PM [to bcc list districts not finished]

Subject:                                     [crdc-support] help with completing the CRDC survey


As you are finishing and certifying your CRDC survey, please note that the Department of Public Instruction can still provide IMMEDIATE expert assistance to you in completing your Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) survey federal survey.

  • You can email in your error logs for immediate analysis. We can usually answer back within a few minutes.
  • Desktop sharing is available to work out issues with your CRDC survey. Contact Melanie to arrange this option.



Common Error Log Problems and How to Resolve Them

-ERROR LOGS STILL SHOWING ERRORS AFTER CORRECTIONS HAVE BEEN MADE: Please note that you must run a new “LEA Form and School Part 1” or Part 2 data check after correcting your errors in order to produce an updated error log document. The error log document will not automatically reflect the changes you have made until you run a new data check and hit the “Refresh Page” link.

-SORT THE ERROR LOG BY THE ERROR CODE COLUMN: Sorting by the error code column will filter out the 100 and 200 level errors that require corrections and the 300 level warnings that require a confirmation that the data is accurate.

-300-LEVEL WARNING MESSAGES: If you receive a 300-level warning message in your error log, it is most likely caused by data not matching between two questions in the survey. However, it is possible that the data would not match and is accurate. You should check to see if the data you have entered is correct. If it is, these 300-level Warning errors may be resolved by supplying a brief comment in the Web Tool in the comments field of the question referenced in the error log. The comment must be placed in the specific question causing the warning message in the Web Tool.

-400-LEVEL WARNINGS: These error messages begin with “A comment has been provided for Warning 3XX: “WARNING - …” If you are happy with the comment you have provided, you may disregard them. They will NOT prevent you from certifying.

-500-LEVEL ERRORS: The 500-level warning flags are notifications of data not reported and where data are entered for a non-applicable question.  No action may be required. We encourage you to review your answer to the guiding question to ensure it is correct. These errors will NOT prevent you from certifying.  Please follow the below guidelines to ensure that these errors can be safely disregarded:

  • If you receive errors 501-517 and/or 529, check Grades Offered (SCH-0001) for the affected school(s).  If your reported grades are correct, these errors can be disregarded.
  • If you receive error 520 and/or 521, check your Magnet School status and/or Alternative School status (SCH-0002) for the affected school(s).  If it is correct, then you may disregard these errors.
  • If you receive error 522, check your Gifted and Talented program status (SCH-0004) for the affected school(s).  If the supplied information is correct, then you may disregard this error.
  • If you receive errors 523-527, check the specified fields and the corresponding fields in School Form part 2.  If the reported enrollment and passage numbers are correct, these errors may be disregarded.
  • If you receive error 530, check your Interscholastic Athletics status (SCH-0033).  If it is correct, this error may be disregarded.



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