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Sent:                               Tuesday, January 08, 2013 2:16 PM

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Subject:                          [crdc-support] reminder to collect and archive your CRDC documentation


An important note: Collecting and archiving your Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) survey materials is a last critical step in the survey process!

There’s two important reasons:

  1. FUTURE QUESTIONS. Your district’s data will be compiled into the national database and published at . Many researchers, journalists, legal advocates, and citizens will use your data to make conclusions about educational equity. Should any questions arise, the district will be contacted. By then, district staff will change. Having good documentation will ensure your district can re-create how it arrived at the numbers—years after the data was submitted.
  2. ERRATA. After federal publication, if you detect any errors in your CRDC numbers, an errata sheet must be generated. Errata is simply a notice on district letterhead that some data has changed after publication, and shows the was/now condition. Errata sheets allow the published federal database to be corrected.

Suggested minimum list of documentation to archive:

  • Email from your superintendent that they have approved the certified CRDC numbers
  • PDFs generated by the certification process
  • Raw reports and spreadsheets from your local SIS
  • CRDC excel template files
  • DPI data CSV files (even if you did not use them in your survey)
  • DPI and CRDC support emails


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