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From:                              Melanie McCalmont for Jennifer Wegner, DPI []

Sent:                               Monday, September 24, 2012 1:46 PM

To:                                   [districts]

Subject:                          [crdc-support] Watch the DPI Data Support webcast (on-demand)


DPI has posted a webcast about the CRDC data collection and DPI data support.  The webcast contains both general and specific information about our data support and next steps for districts. This webcast is on-demand. You can watch it any time.

NEW! Please note that the webcast is delivered with DPI’s new Blackboard Collaborate software that will be used for future live meetings by DPI, including our upcoming November file-delivery webinar.

Problems viewing the webcast? Try these:

  1. test your Java capability here
  2. download a newer Java version here

Thanks for participating in the DPI Data Support project for the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) survey!



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