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New webcast 2 posted

A new webcast is posted. Webcast 2 contains new information about the file delivery schedule and many pages of helpful tips on completing the federal survey. In particular, we cover error messages and bugs that districts will always encounter as they load these “flat files” or .csv files into the CRDC web interface. The webcast is 25 minutes long and is posted on the project homepage: After Nov 8 our homepage will be at

Data Matrix change for Sec 504 students

The Data Support Matrix has a new version, October 30, also posted on the homepage ( ). The new version removes DPI data support for Section 504 student counts that affects just a few lines in the survey. We determined that our attempts at creating accurate Sec 504 student counts was not as accurate as your local data. Therefore, in the web interface, watch for blank Section 504 student count lines, and fill those in.

Data file delivery in SAFE

The DPI data files will be delivered to you on or before Nov 14 in the SAFE interface, the same location where School Report Cards are downloaded. Anyone with “ALL Reports” user role can download the zipfile with the 4 DPI data files. You will receive a notice through this listserv when the files are available.

Process review for uploading files to CRDC

When you get the DPI zipfile in SAFE, save it and unzip it to get the 4 data files in .csv format. Do not open the files with Excel. Those 4 DPI files can be uploaded immediately into the CRDC web interface. Note that you may get error messages based on your number of schools (see webcast for important details). The data is available the next day. Open and SAVE each survey question to update the "% complete" status.

Core documents you need

A list is now posted on the homepage for all the core CRDC help documents. Please phone me with any questions about these documents. website will change Nov 8

Please bring this up in staff meetings. DPI is reworking the main website to a newer platform. Most links will redirect automatically, but some bookmarks may break. To help you find things, remember that the folder now after .gov will then appear in FRONT of the "dpi". For example, will become . Use the search box to find any missing URLs after Nov 8.

Contact us

Apologies to any district we have not phoned personally. If you have questions, please email, or call us at the contacts below.


Melanie McCalmont | DPI Data Support project
608-267-9162 |
Skype:  melanie.mccalmont2
Data Warehouse and Decision Support Team
Division for Libraries and Technology | DPI


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