ISES Coursework Completion System (CWCS) Phone and Web-Based Conferences


Phone and web-based conferences to discuss Coursework Completion topics are held to allow district, school, and vendor staff to ask questions of the DPI staff and other districts.

CWCS Web Conferences

The DPI IT Team will offer MS Live Meeting sessions from mid November 2011 through June 2012. District, school, and vendor staff are encouraged to attend these sessions to learn about various CWCS Phase 2 training, to disscuss issues or just get clarification. Each session will focus on a specific topic and will generally last 30-45 minutes. The remaining time will be devoted to Q & A. If you cannot attend a conference, you can view a recording of the meeting. Recordings will be made available approximately 1 - 2 days after the live session. Additional sessions will be offered as needed.

Web-Based Meeting Dates and Topics:

To Join a CWCS web-conference, complete the following steps:
  1. Copy this address and paste into your web browser:
  2. Copy and paste the required information:
    01/20/11 Session IV Meeting ID: 63NJFJ
    Entry Code: (not required)
  3. 01/19/11 Session III Meeting ID: RSTB9W
    Entry Code: (not required)
To join the CWCS conference by phone, complete the following steps:
  1. Dial the conferencing service directly at +1(877)381-7791.
  2. When prompted, enter the conference code, 6809840113, followed by #.
  3. When you join the conference, announce your name and district or company name.
  4. This phone conference code is valid only for the CWCS Web Conferences.

Note: The link and meeting codes for the web-based conference will change EVERY WEEK. Check this page prior to each conference.

First-time Users: Test your equipment:

To make sure that your computer is set-up to use MS Live Meeting, check your system as soon as possible. Do not wait until the day of the session to test your machine. If you have not attended an MS Live Meeting session in the past, you will be prompted to install or view MS Live Meeting.

If you have a PC:

  • Click the Join the Meeting hyperlink.
  • Select the Agree and Install option to install MS Live Meeting on your machine. Installation only takes a few minutes. Once MS Live Meeting is installed, you will see a slide noting this fact. To close this window, select 'Meeting' in the upper grey tool bar, scroll down and click Exit.
  • To hear the audio portion of the web-conference turn on the sound for your computer and use either speakers or a headset.
  • To participate by voice during the web conference, you will need a microphone (most headsets have built-in microphones as do most laptops) plugged into your computer.

If you have a Mac or you can not install software on your machine:

  • Click the Join the Meeting hyperlink.
  • Select the Agree and View option. This option will open the web version of MS Live Meeting.
  • To participate in the audio portion of the web-conference, you will need to dial into the conference using the Conference and Participant numbers listed in your e-mail invitation.

If you are unable to join the web-conference? Contact MS Live Meeting support:

Phone: 1.866.493.2825 Direct (US)Website:

Submit questions, comments and suggestions about CWCS to DPI Online Helpdesk Application or call 800-507-5744