Parentally Placed Private Student covered by a Service Plan

Data Collection and Reporting


"Parentally Placed Private" is an indication of a student placed by a parent or guardian in a private school who receives special education or related services from the submitting district that meet state standards under a service plan (34 CFR 300.452--300.462).

CHANGES: Beginning with the 2007-08 ISES Count Date and 2006-07 Year End records, "Parentally Placed Private" will be required for all students with disabilities (PRIMARY_DISABILITY <> N / Null).

N=No. The student does NOT meet the definition of a "parentally placed private" as defined above.
Y=Yes. The student meets the definition above.

USES: The information submitted under parentally placed private is used to complete Wisconsin's Annual Report on the Implementation of FAPE (free appropriate public education) required under section 618 of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004.



  1. Report in ISES only parentally-placed private school children with disabilities receiving special education and/or related services pursuant to a services plan that meets IDEA standards. Parentally-placed private school children with disabilities are children with disabilities enrolled by their parents in private, including religious, elementary schools or secondary schools. The elementary grades include students in grades K4 and K5. The secondary grades do not include any education beyond grade 12. The elementary or secondary school may be a day or residential school. Do not include children with disabilities placed in a private school or facility by a public agency as a means of providing special education and related services.
  2. Only students with disabilities (Primary Disability <> N/Null) may be submitted as "Parentally Placed Private" students.
    • If this field is left blank for a student with disabilities, then ISES inserts a 'N'.
    • If this field is provided for a student without an IDEA eligible disability (Primary Disability = N/Null), then ISES resets the value to Null.
  3. A "Parentally Placed Private" student should be covered by a Service Plan, not an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). For clarification regarding the defiinition of a Service Plan, refer to Information Update Bulletin 06.03.
  4. The submitting district is the district responsbile for development of the service plan.
  5. Parentally Placed Private status was not included in the WSLS or ISES prior to 2006-07 for Year End records and 2007-08 for Count Date records.
  6. For "Parentally Placed Private" Students exit date should be the date the student last received services under the service plan.
  7. "Parentally Placed Private" students are included in EDEN and OSEP Reporting, but not included in NCLB and School Performance Reporting. For these students a limited set of data elements are required. For 2006-07 Year End and 2007-08 Count Date records default values should be submitted for all Parentally Placed Private records. For 2007-08 Year End and 2008-09 Count Date records "Data Not Required", X, should be reported for the following data elements, with the exception of attendance and district of residence for which a default should be reported:

    Data Not Required:

    • Homeless
    • Migrant
    • Economically Disadvantaged Status
    • Third Party Provider
    • Payer (Count Date records only)
    • Section 504 Status (required for Count Date records in WSAS Testing Grades)
    • Year in US Schools (required for Count Date records where ELP Code is 1 to 5 or Birth State = 'ZZ')
    • Native Language Code (required for Count Date records where ELP Code is 1 to 5 or Immigrant (Title III) = 'Y')
    • Grade Advancement (required for Year End records where Completed School Term = 'Y'
    • WSAS Test Status (required for Count Date records in WSAS Testing Grades)
    • ELL Served (required where ELP Code is 1 to 5)
    • Immigrant (Title III) (required for Count Date records)


    • Possible Days Attendance = 0 (Year End records only)
    • Actual Days Attendance = 0 (Year End records only)
    • District of Residence = Submitting District

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