Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate Tip Sheet and Checklist

Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate Tip Sheet and Check list for WSLS/ISES Administrators

The Longitudinal Data system is used to determine the cohort placement for each student. This data is processed to incorporate duplicate WSN assignments that have been resolved. There is no means to do this in ISES. As such it is not possible to provide districts with an adjusted cohort graduation rate report within ISES.

To ensure an accurate graduation rate, WSLS/ISES Administrators are encouraged to verify that the data used to calculate the graduation rate is correct.

  1. Verify Grade level placement for students in grades 9-12
      a. Check Enrollment Report by Grade
      b. Check Enrollment Report by Student Groups

  2. Each student is assigned to a “graduation year cohort” based on two factors:
  • School year of his/her first high school enrollment period (based on ISES YE records)
  • Student’s grade level placement at the time of that first high school enrollment period

As always, care should be taken to ensure that grade level placement data submitted in ISES are accurate. Once a cohort is assigned, it is used statewide and is permanent.

  • Verify Exit Codes for students that are not continuing
      a. Check Exit Type Report
        i. Verify Counts of Completers ( HSC Exit Type)
          1. Certificates (Credential Type O)
          2. HSED (Credential Type E)
          3. Regular Diplomas (graduates) (Credential Type R)
          4. Disregard prior completions (Exit Type PCC)

  • ii. Verify counts of Non completers
      1. Discontinued schooling ( Exit Type ODO, ETC, ISM, OOS)
      2. Reached maximum age by end of cohort period (Exit Type MA or continuing student where max age year 3. Students without exit dates or students that transfer after completing the school year at the end of the cohort period ( exception ---TNC, TOS, TC to parent placed private, DOC or DHS would be removed from cohort)

    iii. Verify students who have been removed from cohort
      1. Students who transfer prior to the end of the final school year of the cohort period ( EXIT Type TNC, TC, TOS)
      2. Students who died ( Exit Type DE)
      3. Emigrated to another country ( Exit Type INM)

    iv. Verify Counts of Student Groups by Exit Type
      1. Some local student information systems report only the final disability status of a student. In these systems if the end date of the IEP is before the Exit date used for ISES, these students will not show up as students with a disability. Verify that students with disabilities that completed the school term are reported as students with disabilities in the EXIT type report.
      2. Verify counts for other Student groups as well.

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