ISES Validate/Edit Checklist

There are three types of ISES validations: file upload, screen, and full validations. File upload validations check for a limited set of business rule errors documented in the ISES Interface Specifications (B.2). On-line (manual) data modifications or additions result in a limited set of screen validations. Full validation occurs after successful file upload/create or may be user-initiated by clicking on the 'Validate' icon in ISES. The Validation Checklist below describes steps to initiate and/or review the results of full validations. To address the results of the validation process, you may edit data on-line or correct data locally and upload a new file.


  • The full validation process may take a significant amount of time to run, perhaps even overnight during peak submission periods, and ISES will be locked for affected schools during that time. Click on the 'Validate' icon only if you have made a significant number of modifications or additions to your ISES data on-line. It is unnecessary to click on 'Validate' immediately after the Upload/Create process because full validation will occur automatically.
  • It is not possible to detect all incorrect data during the validation process so you must still manually review your data. ISES progress and summary reports are provided to facilitate the review process.

Before Your District/School Begins

  1. Has your district or school uploaded or created student records in ISES? If not, then refer to the ISES Upload / Create Checklist for more information. (Main Menu - File Upload/Create Student Record List). [More*]
  2. Users must have an All Functions or Full Entry role to complete the ISES Upload / Create task or to Download Reporting Data containing record-level Info, Warning, and Error information. To change authorizations, see the Delegated Authority Checklist
  3. Users must have an All Functions, Full Entry, or Manual Entry All Fields role for full access to all Info, Warning, and Error messages and to view or edit data in all fields. Users with other Manual Entry roles will have access to most but not all ISES messages and data. To change authorizations, see the Delegated Authority Checklist

Validation Checklist

  1. If you have successfully uploaded a file or requested creation of student records in ISES, then the full validation process has automatically begun. Skip to step 3.
  2. If you have modified or added ISES data online after the Upload/Create steps are complete and wish to more fully validate your data, then click the 'Validate' icon on the Student Record List. Districts may initiate the validation process for the entire district by clicking on the 'Validate' icon near the top of the Summary of Schools screen. (Main Menu - Student Record List [More*] or Main Menu - Summary of Schools [More*])
  3. Check validation Process Status (optional). (Main Menu - Process Status) [More*]
  4. Review the Info messages created during validation (Main Menu - Report Menu - Info Report) [More*]. These messages detail modifications made to your data during the validation process. Note that you should review these messages promptly as they will be overwritten during the next validation process.
  5. Review the Error messages returned during validation (Main Menu - Report Menu - Error Report) [More*]. These messages detail business rule errors which must be corrected in the ISES and/or WSLS before you may lock your data.
  6. Review the Warning messages returned during validation (Main Menu - Report Menu - Warning Report) [More*]. These messages detail possible inconsistencies in your data. Before you may lock your data, warnings must be reviewed and acknowledged if data are correct or modified in the ISES and/or WSLS if data are not correct.
  7. If you wish to correct the data on-line continue to the Individual Student Record Editing Checklist.
  8. If you wish to correct your data locally and upload a new file to the ISES, refer to the ISES Upload / Create Checklist for more information. You may request a Reporting Data file that includes your student data from ISES and info, error and warning information. (Main Menu - File Download Request) [More*]
  9. Preview your Progress and Summary Reports for evidence of incorrect or incomplete data. Note these reports are based on data submitted as of the date of the most recent school/district validation. Records with coding or other errors may not be included. (Main Menu - Report Menu - Progress and Summary Reports) [More*]

Individual Student Record - Editing Checklist

  1. Select a student by clicking on the WSN. (Main Menu - Student Record List or Main Menu - Summary of Schools - Student Record List) [More* - See in particular the Individual Student Record subchapter.]
  2. Select the enrollment period you wish to review by clicking the Enroll Date. If you see a ** instead of an Enroll Date, then the WSLS no-release/privacy indicator for this record is set to yes, and you will not be able to review WSLS or ISES data for this enrollment period.
  3. Review the WSLS and ISES data provided for the selected school enrollment period. If the enrollment period is in another district and is more recent than enrollment in your district, then ISES data will not be accessible. If Record Type is WSLS, then ISES data have not yet been submitted. Also note that, based on local access policies, you may be able to view some but not all types of data for your students.
  4. Review the Info, Error and Warning messages listed at the bottom of the Individual Student Record screen. Note that you may need to scroll to view these messages.
  5. Add and modify data, as needed. Click the 'Save' icon. Note that you will not be able to add or modify data for enrollment periods in other schools or districts.
  6. In some cases, additional information is required based on data entered on screen 1. Click the 'Next' icon to proceed to screen 2 and complete the requested data.
  7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 for the next student.
  8. Initiate the validation process. Refer to the Validation Checklist for more information.

* All links to "More" go to chapters in the ISES User Manual. Click on the links to download these chapters in MS Word format.

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