ISES Data Requirements

Department of Corrections, Department of Health Services, and
Districts Serving Parentally-Placed Private School Students Under Service Plans

2006-07 and Beyond

A limited range of ISES data requirements applies to (1) parentally-placed private school students receiving special education or related services from school districts under service plans (PPP-SP) and (2) students receiving their primary PK-12 educational services from WI Department of Corrections (DOC) and WI Department of Health Services (DHS).

CHANGES: These requirements apply beginning with 2006-07 ISES Year End records and 2007-08 ISES Count Date records.

The code “X” indicating “data not required” should be submitted whenever a code is expected in the following fields:

The following default values in parentheses should be submitted when data are required in the ISES data fields listed below:

DOC is required to submit WSLS and ISES records for students residing at and attending school in Type 1 juvenile correctional facilities (s. 938.02(19) and Type 1 prisons (s. 301.01 (5)). DHS is required to submit records for students residing at and attending school in DHS-operated institutions or facilities. Note that DOC and DHS obligations are separate from the obligations of school districts to serve, and submit complete WSLS/ISES data for, students in other facilities or institutions including but not limited to county jails or detention centers.

USES: ISES data submitted for PPP-SP students and students at DOC/ DHS are primarily used to meet federal reporting requirements in EDEN and IDEA. EDEN requirements include DOC and DHS data both for all students by gender, race/ethnicity, and grade regardless of disability status.

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