Individual Student Enrollment System (ISES) User Manuals

ISES Count Date and Year End

The ISES Count Date and Year End user manual chapters are structured to efficiently guide you through the ISES functions. Each chapter begins with a What do you need to do? section. This section provides a list of common tasks and the specific steps required. As a single function may be used for multiple purposes, you may encounter repetition throughout the section. Each step provides summary text in the left hand column and detailed instructions and screen shots in the right hand column. The Summary of Schools function is available only to district-level ISES users. The vast majority of local ISES users will have at least read access to all the remaining ISES functions. All ISES users will be expected to accept the User Privacy Agreement.

Chapter 1: Agreement to Protect Privacy
Chapter 2: District / School ISES Preferences
Chapter 3: File Upload / Create Student Record List
Chapter 4: Process Status
Chapter 5: Results
Chapter 6: Summary of Schools
Chapter 7: Student Record List
Chapter 8: Report Menu - Error, Warning, and Info Reports
Chapter 9: Report Menu - Progress and Summary Reports
     See also "Using ISES Progress and Summary Reports."
Chapter 10: File Download Request

ISES Discipline

The ISES Discipline user manual is structured to guide you through the annual data submission process. The manual is intended for District staff responsibile for the data entry and review of student discipline data.

2006-07 ISES Discipline Manual Version 1.1

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          Superintendents | WSLS/ISES Administrators (MS Word)
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