Individual Student Enrollment System (ISES) Web-based Tutorials

On-demand Web-based tutorials are structured to guide you through each of the ISES functions. Each tutorial is less than 10 minutes in length, and special software should not be needed to play them. Simply click on the links below to run each tutorial.

Tutorial 1: Agreement to Protect Privacy
- This tutorial may be delayed or omitted. A short manual chapter is available.

Tutorial 2: District / School ISES Preferences

Tutorial 3: File Upload / Create Student Record List
- Overview
- File Upload
- Create

Tutorial 4: Process Status

Tutorial 5: Results

Tutorial 6: Summary of Schools

Tutorial 7: Student Record List
- Overview
- Individual Student Records: Year End Mediasite Recording
- Individual Student Records: Count Date Mediasite Recording
- School Lock & Submit
- District Lock & Submit

Tutorial 8: Report Menu - Error, Warning, and Info Reports

Tutorial 9: Report Menu - Progress and Summary Reports

Tutorial 10: File Download Request

Tutorial 11: Transfer Student Data Request

See also:
-ISES Training and Technical Support
-ISES User Manual
-Checklists: Upload/Create, Validate/Edit, Preview/Lock & Submit, <a href="lbstat_wsnchklst5>Delegated Authority</a><br> -Instructions for Using the Delegated Authority Application :<br> <a data-cke-saved-href=" files="" lbstat="" doc="" delauthap1.doc"="">Superintendents | WSLS/ISES Administrators (MS Word)


Submit questions, comments and suggestions about the WSLS or ISES to the 24x7 DPI Online Helpdesk Application or call 800-507-5744

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