Legacy Graduation/Completion Rate - Report Mockup

Legacy high school graduation/completion rates are reported according to a formula used since 2003-04. Wisconsin plans to continue using this 2003-04 formula to calculate legacy rates until at least 2011-12 when sufficient data become available to calculate a 6-year adjusted cohort graduation rate. A mockup of a sample legacy graduation/completion rate report is provided below.


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Legacy Graduation/Completion Rates - All Students
Pine Forest High School
Year X Compared to District/State
  Total Expected to Complete High School % Not Known to be Continuing % Reached Maximum Age % Known to be Continuing % Certificates % HSEDs % Regular Diplomas (Graduates)
Pine Forest School ### #.#% #.#% #.#% #.#% #.#% ##.#%
Big Woods District ### #.#% #.#% #.#% #.#% #.#% ##.#%
WI Public Schools ### #.#% #.#% #.#% #.#% #.#% ##.#%


Total Expected to Complete High School. Count of students who were expected to complete high school in school year X, consistent with the legacy rate (by age 21) timeframe, whether or not the students actually did. All students who enter high school are expected to complete high school. Total expected to complete high school is the denominator used to calculate graduation and completion rates and is the total number of noncompleters plus completers.

Noncompleters. Sum of students counted as "Cohort Dropouts" plus students who "Reached Maximum Age".

  • Not Known to be Continuing. See Cohort Dropouts.
  • Cohort Dropouts. Dropouts over four years. cohort dropouts in year X include year X-3 9th grade dropouts, year X-2 10th grade dropouts, year X-1 11th grade dropouts, and year X 12th grade dropouts. For Legacy Rates, any cohort dropout is counted as Not Known to be Continuing.
  • Reached the Maximum Age. Status of a student who turned 21 prior to the beginning of the school term X+1 without completing high school. These students are counted as students who reached the maximum age during school year X. (Article 10 of the Wisconsin Constitution guarantees the right to a free education through age 20.)
  • Known to be Continuing. Status of a high school noncompleter who, as of the end of the timeframe, was known to be continuing high school. For Legacy Rates, this status does not apply because noncompleters are either cohort dropouts or students who reached the maximum age. (This column is included in graduation/completion reports because it is used in the reporting of adjusted cohort graduation/completion rates.)

Completers. Students who, in Year X, earned any high school completion credential in WI public schools. Credentials earned by students during the summer session immediately following Year X are counted as completers in Year X. High school completion credentials include the following: regular diplomas, HSEDs, and certificates/other. Students who earned regular diplomas are counted as graduates. For more information about credentials, see Submitting and Publicly Reporting Data about High School Completion Credentials



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