Non-public (Private) school graduates

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This information is collected from non-public schools on the PI-1207, Private School Report. All non-public graduate reports start with NGrad in the file name. The last two digits of the file name indicate the report year. For example, 00 represents the 1999-2000 report year which collects the graduates from the preceding school year, 1998-1999 (i.e., 1998-1999 graduates are collected on the 1999-2000). Beginning with the year 2000 tribal school(s) are listed at the beginning of the report separated by a blank line before district information. Graduates are reported by gender and total for each school. Data is sorted by district, and non-public school. (Download Excel Files)

    NGrad15.xlsx NGrad14.xlsx NGrad13.xlsx
NGrad12.xls NGrad11.xls NGrad10.xls NGrad09.xls NGrad08.xls
NGrad07.xls NGrad06.xls NGrad05.xls NGrad04.xls NGrad03.xls
NGrad02.xls NGrad01.xls NGrad99.xls NGrad98.xls NGrad97.xls


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