Why are data for some student groups not reported?

Certain data are not reported to protect student privacy.

Care is taken to avoid disclosure of confidential information about small groups of students, either directly or indirectly. A group is considered small if the number of students in the group is five (5) or less.

Masking of data to protect privacy is termed redaction. Redacted data may appear as a * symbol in the data cell or the graph or table may not be displayed.

In addition, data about groups larger than five (5) are sometimes not reported to avoid possible indirect disclosure of confidential information about the smaller group. Indirect disclosure occurs when data are reported both for all students in a group and for a large subset of this group, leaving only a small subset not reported.

For more information on student data privacy, see http://lbstat.dpi.wi.gov/lbstat_dataprivacy .

For more information on student testing data privacy, see http://oea.dpi.wi.gov/oea_stprivacy .



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