Private (Non-Public) School Enrollment Data

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There are several different enrollment reports. This information is collected from non-public schools on the PI-1207, Private School Report. All non-public enrollment reports start with NE in the file name. The last two digits of the file name indicate the end of the school year. For example, 00 represents the 1999-2000 school year, or 01 represents 2000-2001 school year. Data may be provided at various levels, such as statewide, district, or school. Enrollment is a headcount of students who are physically attending schools as of the third Friday in September.


Private (non-public) Enrollment Master

This is the master private enrollment file, which is based on grade level data by gender within individual schools. Enrollment is a one-time count on the third Friday in September. The file includes name of district that non-public school lies within, county code, county name, and CESA.






Private (non-public) Enrollment Statewide by Grade

This is a statewide summary of the third Friday in September enrollment count by gender and grade.


Private (non-public) Enrollment by District by School by Gender

This report is sorted three different ways (district, county, or CESA). The report provides counts of gender by non-public school within public district based on the third Friday in September enrollment. It provides district count totals. The type of school (elementary, middle, etc.) and the low grade and high grade of the school is listed. CESA and county codes are included. Depending of the sort type selected, CESA or county totals are available. As of 2011 District, County, and CESA spreadsheets are now contained in one Excel workbook and labeled accordingly under separate spreadsheet tabs.


Private (non-public) Enrollment by District by School by Grade

Counts of grade by non-public school based on the third Friday in September enrollment. This report is sorted by non-public school name within public school district and provides PK through 12th grade totals.

    NEScGr15.xlsx NEScGr14.xlsx NEScGr13.xlsx
NEScGr12.xls NEScGr11.xls NEScGr10.xls NEScGr09.xls NEScGr08.xls
NEScGr07.xls NEScGr06.xls NEScGr05.xls NEScGr04.xls NEScGr03.xls
NEScGr02.xls NEScGr01.xls NEScGr00.xls NEScGr99.xls NEScGr98.xls
NEScGr97.xls NEScGr96.xls NEScGr95.xls NEScGr94.xls NEScGr93.xls






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