ISES Coursework Completion System (CWCS)

The Coursework Completion System (CWCS) collects data specific to all courses completed by all students, grades K4-12. This new data collection facilitates the standardization of student coursework information across the state, provide data necessary to answer important questions at the local and state levels, and enable Wisconsin to meet federal requirements. It replaces the PI-1215 Course Offerings Report.

As recipients of federal State Fiscal Stabilization Funding in 2009, Wisconsin is required to capture this coursework data along with 11 other elements of the America Competes Act. Data from CWCS will enhance the Longitudinal Data System (LDS) and assist in the development of sound educational policies and improve the quality and significance of education research with the goal of improving student achievement.

Collection Year 2014 - Scheduled to Open February 2014


Authorized CWCS users login here:  CWCS Web Application


Access Limited to DPI Staff Only

For Current CWCS Users

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  • IMPORTANT: CWCS records must have matching records in the Wisconsin Student Number Locator System (WSLS). Failure to keep WSLS complete and current will cause CWCS file upload failure. It will not be possible to submit CWCS data online without matching WSLS records.

The new CWCS collection creates common data standards for all districts and schools; ensures high quality data by eliminating variations in how data are collected across various systems. When collected at the state level, student level data sets, including the CWCS can give smaller districts access to robust systems, through a partnership with DPI that they could not afford on their own. This ensures the same high level of service for all districts, schools and students.

For New CWCS Users

You must be individually authorized to use the CWCS. Having a Wisconsin User ID (WAMS ID) is necessary but does not in itself provide access to the CWCS Web application. For security and privacy reasons, access must be specifically authorized by your District Administrator (Superintendent) on behalf of your school board or by the Superintendent's appointed WSLS/ISES Administrator.

For further information about gaining access, see the Delegated Authority Web Application.

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